Blue dream flower was on sale this weekend

For the last more than two weeks, the dispensary where I work has been out of the purple dream strain.

It is a single of the favorites in the area, and I always try to stay stocked up on this particular product.

The manufacturer and distributor where all of us earn our flower had a problem with the purple dream harvest! Problems with an entire harvest rarely occur, so it can be devastating when the problem happens. Both of us could not renew our stock, and neither could several of the area dispensaries that also use the same contractor for harvesting flower. We’ve been out for quite a while and our clients have asked on several chances for purple dream. Both of us have not had much great news to offer until recently. When all of us finally got the product back in stock, I decided to have a flash sale on all of the marijuana flower products. The sale was held this weekend and the store was tied up all morning on Tuesday and Friday. Both of us sold nearly half of our Blue Dream stock on the first morning. Every a single of our clients were excited about the sale and the shop was filled with people all morning. A lot of our clients took advantage of the flower sale, however our concentrate sales were 20% higher on Tuesday as well, then one customer came to the dispensary and filled his order with purple dream products, he bought a whole ounce of flower and 2 grams of live resin concentrate. I assume it is safe to say that purple dream is entirely his favorite strain.
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