I didn't mean to get stoned and break the tv

My fiance Ed thinks that my friends plus I say plus do really stupid things when we party plus smoke marijuana. I’ve been telling Ed that he is wrong, but now I’m thinking that Ed might be right. Ed went to the spa with his mom plus his sibling for the weekend plus two of my good buddies came out to play video games plus hang out. One buddy went to his house on Thursday night to hang out with his husband, but the other one stayed here. He had some recreational marijuana in his tote plus we decided to smoke a joint. It’s not that crucial a deal to smoke a recreational marijuana joint because it’s legal in the state. There are a few marijuana dispensaries nearby with good deals on buds, edibles, plus concentrates. I do not officially smoke marijuana, but I thought it sounded like a ton of fun plus I knew that Ed wasn’t going to be back at the house until the next afternoon, then by then the effects from the marijuana joint would wear off plus everything would be OK. I did not account for the fact that I was going to be completely stoned plus making some disappointing decisions. My buddy plus I got entirely high plus then I decided to play with the VR system. I threw one of the controllers into the cable plus it broke. The 1,500 dollar cable does not labor anymore plus Ed will not let me forget that it happened on my watch. I told Ed that it was an accident, but I did not include the fact that Jase plus I were both high when the accident occurred.


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