I made a big mistake leaving the cartridge in the car

During the summer months, the weather around here is usually very hot and humid.

What time I left a soda inside of my car.

It wasn’t open, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal. The next day I came outside and I had to clean Mountain Dew off the interior of my brand new car. The heat from the sun made the can burst and soda flooded all over the place. I’ve had lots of issues happen because of the sun. The roof of my car is warped and faded because the sun is so strong and the UV rays are so high. From time to time, I still make mistakes. I made a huge mistake last weekend when I left a marijuana cartridge sitting on the front seat of the car. The marijuana cartridge was almost empty, so I didn’t think it was a big deal to leave it on the seat. I’m sitting on top of a piece of paper. One of the marijuana cartridges got hot from the sun, it started leaking marijuana oil all over the front seat. The marijuana oil was sticky and extremely difficult to get out of the seat. I ended up having to use a high percentage of alcohol and that stained and faded the upholstery on the seat. Now I have to put seat covers on the front of my brand new car because the marijuana cartridge leaks all over the place. One of these days I will remember how dangerous the sun can be during July and August.

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