It’s a ride to the local cannabis spot

For people who live where there is some form of legal cannabis, getting to the local cannabis spot isn’t that big of a deal.

  • That’s not at all the way it is for me.

Unfortunately, my state has its collective head in the sand over legal marijuana of any kind. Once again, the issue of medical marijuana will be on the ballot in 2024. This time, I can only hope we will finally be over the hump when it comes to getting medical marijuana. For me, cannabis products are essential to my emotional health. I tried so many different medications for a number of years before I finally learned about the benefits of cannabis. While I was so thankful to finally find something that helped me so much with my mental health, getting cannabis wasn’t easy. And I really had no interest in tying to find someone selling cannabis products illegally. Aside from not knowing what the THC content really was, I was scared to be doing something illegal with a total stranger. So I now just load up the car about once a month or every six weeks for my trip to the cannabis dispensary. Luckily, a border state offers access to legal recreational marijuana for anyone of age. It’s still a risk bringing sativa and indica strains home. But I really don’t have a choice. The amount I buy is not even close to an ounce. That makes it risking a misdemeanor possession charge which I can live with. Hopefully, after the 2024 election, I’ll be able to get medical marijuana here at home. I’d love to take the legality aspect out of me using a natural substance to simply live my life.
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