A two week cannabis tour

I don’t know who exactly came up with the idea.

But I remember both my husband and I just looking at each other as though this was the best idea ever.

The next thing we said to each other was why hadn’t we thought of making vacation all about recreational marijuana. I guess that comes from so many years where we had the kids in tow when we went on any sort of trip. We still love to enjoy family vacation with our kids. But they are all just about grown with only one left in college. Yet, we both have a ton of vacation time now that we’ve been in the same jobs for decades. We’ve always enjoyed recreational marijuana but had to be very under the radar with the kids and our jobs. Thankfully, we have a friend who is friends with a cannabis grower and has always kept us in sativa and indica products. But shopping for marijuana for sale is something that we had always wanted to experience. So we figured out a two week tour of an awesome region in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. We combined touring local cannabis spots and cannabis growers with the stunning geography of the region. It was easily the most fun vacation my wife and I have ever taken alone together. At each local cannabis spot, we’d learn something new about cannabis or be introduced to new cannabis strains. The cannabis growers who welcomed us for tours of the operation were all so kind and caring as well as informative and open. For sure, we’ll be doing another marijuana tour vacation every year.


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