Cannabis cafe is best part of week

It usually doesn’t take until after lunch on Monday before I’m thinking about Saturday morning at the cannabis cafe.

I live in a state where recreational marijuana is quite legal.

So that makes having a cannabis cafe also quite legal. For those who don’t know what a cannabis cafe is, I’ll digress for a moment. A cannabis cafe offers wonderfully prepared cannabis edibles along with great coffee, tea and other yummy choices. From pastries to the classic pot brownie, you can find just about anything at my cannabis cafe. The folks who own this marijuana business really do know what they are doing. Enjoying a cannabis edible here is a far cry from the horrible pot brownies I made back in the day. Of course, I was stupid and didn’t realize that the cannabis needs to be infused in the oil, butter or whatever fat is being used. I just dumped a bunch of marijuana shake into the browning mix from the grocery store. Not only did it taste like garden waste, I pretty much wasted a bunch of cannabis. These days, spending my Saturday morning sharing a beautiful cannabis edible with my friends is the best part of my week. Normally, I’m the first one at the cannabis cafe. And that’s just the way I like it. This way, I get there really early to enjoy my coffee while reading the news on my tablet. Being early also allows me to lock down a great table outside so my friends and I can people watch while we enjoy our cannabis edibles. I’m lucky because all I have to do is walk about 10 minutes from where I live to get to this marijuana business. So easing home after those cannabis edibles is no problem.

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