Training regimen includes stops at local cannabis spot

Being a professional athlete doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m rich.

But it does mean that I’m doing all the things the rich pros are doing in order to get the most from my body.

And one of those things I do for my body includes stops at the cannabis dispensary. Unfortunately, my sport isn’t exactly paying like baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Yet, I’m not complaining. That’s because my day job is connected to my sport so I can make a living while also being able to have a very flexible schedule to train, practice and compete. With all that training, practice and competition, there has to be a balance of rest and recovery. I’m lucky to be living in an era where we know so much more when it comes to the science about recovery. Indica products from the cannabis dispensary are essential to my recovery. Each day, I put healthy food in my body and make sure that I’m properly hydrated all the time. Along with that comes lots and lots of stretching, especially at my age of 36. The indica strains allow me to get more range of motion from the stretching routines. And those same indica products help me lessen inflammation as well. I also use hybrid strains as well as sativa products. The sativa strains keep me so grounded in the moment and give me such an important perspective. Sativa products remind me of just how fortunate I am to be able to do what I do and still make a living. I really am living the dream and the local cannabis spot sure helps me keep all that going.
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