Is it time for the cannabis cafe yet?

It’s only two or 3 times a month. And if anybody has a problem with me going to see the cannabis cafe two or 3 times a month, I simply don’t care. When you have to raise three young women who are basically three years apart, you need a cannabis cafe afternoon all the time. For me, getting to the marijuana supplier each week is essential. I’m lucky to have a partner in raising our family as well as Bob is most accommodating when it comes to my cannabis cafe trips. Bob and I both have enjoyed recreational marijuana since he and I met in our 20’s. I’ve typically been thankful for any cannabis products I could find. Before there was legal weed, I had to take what I could get. And that meant the cannabis I had to smoke as well as totally unknown THC satisfied as well. That was fine at the time, because marijuana easily does help me lower my stress, keep perspective as well as just smile more. Now that recreational marijuana is legal, I have a source for cannabis as well as all of the edibles I want. Yet, it’s the couple of Saturday mornings every month at the cannabis cafe that is easily what I’m all about. It’s such a warm and inviting environment as well as the cannabis edibles there are world class quality. This is not your crappy pot brownies from school. Some of their marijuana edibles are beyond delicious. The light apricot pastries are easily my preferred edible from the cannabis cafe. And I most easily know the THC in it, so that I can appreciate it responsibly. On these Saturday mornings, Bob drops me off at the cannabis cafe as well as then deals with the teen girl until basically after brunch. It’s such an essential amount of time for myself, as well as does me so much good.

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