I needed a ride to the marijuana dispensary.

I was tired of calling family and friends to ask them to take me to the marijuana dispensary.

They were all a bunch of fuddy duddies who kept telling me a woman of my age should not be using drugs. After telling them all it was marijuana and not a drug, I quit talking to most of them. Ever since I lost my leg in a car accident, I had been in pain, and the marijuana helped. I was confined to my house because I no longer drove, which left me at the mercy of my family and friends. I was ready to take back my independence, and it started with signing up for marijuana delivery services through the local marijuana dispensary. Once I called, I found out I didn’t need to go into the marijuana dispensary to set up my marijuana delivery services. The manager told me he had all my information from the times I had been in. He asked if I wanted to put in an order over the phone, or if I wanted to use the computer. I told him I would use the computer, then hung up and called my son. I told him I didn’t need his or anyone else’s help from here on out. They may be a bunch of stick-in-the-muds, but I wasn’t. I would get my marijuana through the marijuana delivery services offered by the local marijuana dispensary. He wasn’t happy, but I didn’t care. If he or anyone else didn’t like me using marijuana when I was almost eighty, they could all kiss my left big toe.

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