A fight caused the security officer to shut the place down

Last Wednesday night, the cannabis dispensary was very busy.

We always have a sale on Wednesdays, and it is probably the busiest week day for concentrate sales. On Wednesdays, all of our wax, shatter, distillate, and concentrate are 25% off. We even offer the deal on all of the live resin and rosin products. The shop was busier than normal, because it was raining and the delivery times were delayed. Many people that normally order delivery decided to come to the store to pick up their items. We were backed up on deliveries and inside of the store and most people were waiting about 30 minutes to receive their products. I was feeling an order in the back of the store, when I heard shouts and screams. I stayed in the back until the noises started to get quiet. When I emerged from the storage room, I saw two guys on the floor and the security officer was on top of them. He had the two guys pinned to the floor and he was threatening to use the taser if they started moving. The manager called the police and they came to pick up the two guys. I’m not sure if the guys were arrested or told to leave, but they are not welcome back in the dispensary ever again. Their names went on a list of people that have caused problems. When the fight broke out, the security officer had to shut the place down for an hour. We lost a lot of sales during that time, so the guilty party does not get to come back into the store again.

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