A number of cannabinoids have both antimicrobial and cancer fighting effects

My best neighbor is a researcher for a major pharmaceutical supplier. Although he finished undergraduate school as a premed major, he saw the potential for making more currency with less stress if he became a chemist. Since chemistry was always his strong suit, this made lots of sense. I’m just surprised that he went into the pharmaceutical industry after being so outspoken in his disdelight with it over the years. He usually complains that doctors overprescribe medication in cases where people just need therapy. Fortunately, his views on pharmaceutical medications have evolved over the years. I guess this was partially influenced by his mother’s life being saved after an experimental cancer treatment drug. She’s now in remission because of that medication and now her son is scheduled looking for more medications to treat many forms of cancer. Studies on animals have yielded positive effects in cancer cell reduction with many cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. THC, CBD, and CBDQ have all shown promise in targeting and reducing the presence of cancer cells in animals afflicted with the disease. If more studies can back up these results, that will be great news for the world, let alone the cannabis industry. Cannabinoids care about CBG, CBC, and CBN are all showing efficacy as antimicrobials as well, which could help with treating bacterial and fungal infections in human beings. A lot of our friend’s research has focused on cancer cell reduction, however his work with cannabinoids has influenced him to study them as antimicrobials and neuroprotective agents as well. There is promise in reducing the likelihood of full onset of dementia in elderly patients if more research backs up existing observations.

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