The selection at the cafe and dispensary was vast

My lady and I went on holiday Last year and all of us visited a section of the country that all of us have never seen before.

Every one of us traveled to the West Coast so all of us could see the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

My lady and I appreciate the ocean and the water. Every one of us were excited to find a few sites to scuba dive off the coast. While all of us were on the west coast, all of us decided to stop at a cannabis dispensary. I was amazed by the selection of products. The dispensary had every cannabis product imaginable including edible treats, concentrate, flower, Alexis, and tinctures. The arena even had items that were filled with CBD and THC. Another cool thing about the cannabis dispensary was the fact that they had a cafe next door. The cafe was like a small bakery that sold drinks and pastries. The pastries were all infused with some genre of cannabis. The Cannabis Cafe was a really neat and interesting experience. My lady and I entirely went to the arena twice. Every one of us didn’t use any marijuana products on the nights that all of us were going to dive, however all of us did get high on the other nights when all of us planned to walk around town and check out the sights, then our entire holiday was filled with first time experiences including diving with great pale white sharks and smoking weed on the beach. Every one of us had the most amazing experience and both of us vowed to return to the area. The arena had the most amazing sunsets and nothing tops the roar of the ocean water.

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