The delivery prices didn't include taxes

Last weekend, I had a ton of fun at my labor retreat, but my friends and I ordered cannabis products for delivery.

The people I was with and I were staying at a hotel and the recreational dispensary was only a couple of blocks away from our hotel room. The people I was with and I planned to walk to the cannabis dispensary, however every one of us found out that they delivered. It seemed appreciate a fun and cool experience to have cannabis delivered to our hotel room, so every one of us made the decision to go online and ordered a few items. I wanted some edible cannabis treats appreciate pot brownies, however my friends ordered a bunch of different supplies. Someone at the shop called to confirm our order! When they provided us the total price, my friends and I were unquestionably surprised and confused. When every one of us sited the order, the total for our cannabis items was $185. When they called to confirm the order, the total was closer to $250. I questioned the person on the cellphone and she told me that none of the online prices include state, city, or local taxes. Those taxes equaled more than 30% and they made our total significantly higher. My friends and I only had $200 in money, so every one of us had to cancel some of the items on the order until the total was less than 200. It was a little embarrassing, however they should have listed the prices with taxes on the website.The people I was with and I planned to supply the driver a nice fifteen dollar tip, however the amount was a lot less after every one of us realized that the online prices did not include taxes.

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