I don't think the driver looked very hard

Since there is no apartment 6 in building 2, I understood why the driver was confused

My roommate and I ordered some cannabis products from a dispensary in town. The place offers free delivery on the weekends and I received an email with a 20% off coupon. My roommate and I placed the order at 7:15. The ETA for our order was 9:15. I wasn’t surprised by the delivery time, because it usually takes a while on a Friday night. I didn’t mind waiting and neither did my roommate. It was pouring down rain outside and neither one of us wanted to get in the car and drive. We ordered pizza and beer online and our cannabis supplies as well. At 9:45, my roommate and I were getting frustrated so I called the store to find out When the driver would arrive. The bartender put the manager on the phone and she told me that the driver couldn’t find my address. I verified the address and it was correct. I didn’t understand Why the driver was so confused until they told me the apartment number. The driver was supposed to go to building 6, apartment 206. On the cannabis delivery ticket, the budtender wrote down building 2, apartment 6. Since there is no apartment 6 in building 2, I understood why the driver was confused. The manager agreed to send the driver a second time but he made me promise to go outside and wait when he made it into the neighborhood. It took forever to obtain the cannabis products, but at least they won’t make that same mistake next time they deliver.


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