After the lounge opened, sales increased

A few local weed shops have lounge areas next to the store, so people can buy marijuana supplies and smoke them right away.

  • The pot lounges are very busy on the weekend days like Friday and Saturday.

I manage a weed shop in the neighborhood and we did not have a lounge until I pushed for the changes. As the manager, it is my job to increase sales and notice trends in the industry. A lot of customers wanted to know why we didn’t have a lounge in the empty space next to the shop. I agreed the open space was an excellent spot for a cannabis lounge, so I pushed the idea to my boss. She told me that she would look into the idea and two weeks later we had a meeting about the new lounge. Construction took three months, but we knocked down some walls and put up some fresh paint. The color pattern is green hues that look like marijuana leaves. After the lounge opened to the public, our sales increased immediately. I thought we would see a drop off after a month or two. It’s been six months since the lounge opened and our sales have steadily remained higher than last year at this time. The lounge is the difference. People like being able to hang out and relax after they make their cannabis purchases. I’m really happy that my boss took all of the suggestions seriously. If we want to be the biggest marijuana retailer in the area, we have to stay on top of our game.

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