Why would I leave the house for free delivery

Most of the diners in this section offer some sort of delivery service, but either they have their own delivery staff, or they offer the repair through ubereats or doordash.

  • The pizza shop delivers and so does the mexican diner.

Even the cannabis dispensary offers free delivery. In fact, a cannabis dispensary opened a few weeks ago and they even offer a free item with every delivery purchase. I thought I would try the delivery service, so I went online and added a couple of things to the cart. I bought some wax concentrate and multiple sixths of marijuana flower. I selected the delivery choice and I put our address in the information box. After I hit the confirm order button, I received a e-mail from the dispensary. About 30 minutes later, the store budtender called to discuss our order. They do not replace the online website frequently, so a couple of the items in our order were out of stock. I was a little bummed out by the news, however I replaced those items with something of the same caliber and price range. It took a while for the delivery driver to arrive. It was almost an minute and a half after I talked to the budtender. I particularly did not expect it to take that long, especially since our order was ready when the budtender called to confirm all of the items; Free delivery might be a fantastic choice for some people, however I hate to wait multiple minutes when the shop is only multiple miles away from our apartment.

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