There is a cannabis dispensary there

They have a whole list of edibles as well as cannabis products

My fiance as well as I are contemplating eloping rather than doing the traditional anniversary! Here’s the thing, all of us want to get married in a foreign country! Think of hte pictures as well as the trip all of us could have! However, the reason all of us are getting married is that the more than one of us want to beginning a family sooner rather than later. COVID is still making it hard to travel as well as visit a foreign country. The restrictions as well as testing involved sound awful; It would be smarter to just travel regionally as well as save the hassle. I am not too happy about traveling domestically. However, I did find a state that looks quite fun. There are tons of hiking routes, spas, cute bars, amazing eating establishments as well as cannabis dispensaries, and neither our fiance or I smoke marijuana. In our state you need to get a medical marijuana card. I don’t even know where a medical cannabis dispensary is either. In the state I am thinking of getting married in, you can just walk into a cannabis store, pick up a sativa or indica, as well as nobody cares… My fiance as well as I are both kind of drawn to this idea, all of us could get married 1 afternoon. The next afternoon could be the spa treatment, another afternoon could be exploring the neighborhood as well as 1 night could be getting baked. The cannabis dispensary has a dab bar as well as vape lounge. They have a whole list of edibles as well as cannabis products. It might be fun to just experience something new. It would be a fun night as well as a cool story to tell people once all of us went back home.

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