Still afraid of the cannabis rep

When I was in school cannabis was a big no no! You didn’t smoke cannabis unless you were a loser or terrible kid going nowhere! All the youngsters that smoked weed from school are either residing in a trailer or in jail now.

  • Cannabis was the gateway drug to harder things appreciate cocaine and meth.

Cannabis also meant you came from a terrible family and were not going to university. All of those things felt appreciate hard facts to myself and others when I was around 16 years old. Now I am 26 years outdated and cannabis is the modern drug of choice. There are tons of medical marijuana patients and people smoking it recreationally. I still assume kind of awkward about it. Hearing about how horrible cannabis is for years takes a toll on you. I am almost afraid to walk into the cannabis dispensary. I need cannabis for our chronic pain however. I fell off our truly tall ladder cleaning windows and our shoulder has never been the same. I stretch, go to a chiropractor and a doctor correctly. My doctor was the 1 that told myself and others to try cannabis. He said the cannabis will stop the inflammation and relax the muscle. He told myself and others his patients all have gotten great results. I was too afraid to walk into the building but I had a legit reason. Thankfully the cannabis dispensary near myself and others offers delivery services. I just buy what I want online and they leave a package on the porch. It feels less sketchy that way.

medical uses for cbd