Cannabis beverages are too expensive for everyday use

My hours at work have been all over the place in the last year.

Sometimes we have a huge influx of new clients during seasonal peaks, but other weeks we have little to do and our pay suffers from it. It’s worse than being on a fixed income because I can’t rely on the job to pay me enough to make ends meet. I had to get a part time job working at the local shopping mall, but even the hours there have been inconsistent. Aside from paying bills and buying food, I have other expenses as well. I have to maintain my car, my appliances in my house, and my yard. Two years ago I quit taking my prescription medications in favor of marijuana. It was great at first because I could use just a tiny bit of cannabis to give me the effects that I need. In the time since, my tolerance of the plant’s effects has grown, forcing me to increase my doses and also my budget for the products. For a while I liked buying cannabis drinks on special occasions instead of alcohol because I prefer the effects of the former. Unfortunately, cannabis drinks don’t have enough medicine in them to make them effective for patients with tolerances for the entire plant. You’ll spend $30 on a single drink that barely gives you any effects. I can’t imagine using cannabis drinks on a daily basis unless you were wealthy or never spent your disposable income on anything else. I’d rather stick with cannabis and CBD concentrates that I can throw inside my amazing vaporizer pen.

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