The products you can buy now

I was actually excited about the legality of CBD and hemp products, because that industry was in a legal gray area following the 2014 Farm Bill.

  • Both producers and shoppers of these hemp products were taking big risks until the laws were allowed and the agreements were made by the federal government.

You can literally purchase hemp flower products that resemble real marijuana flower buds. Just like THC trichomes, high quality hemp buds have CBD crystals on them. In the past people urged shoppers to be careful about purchasing these hemp buds through the mail out of fear that law enforcement would not be able to distinguish between them and high THC marijuana flower buds. That fear is largely gone with recent changes in federal law, so much so that you can literally find CBD items at most grocery stores and gas stations. I’m amazed to see the large display of CBD and hemp products that is right next to the checkout counter at our local pharmacy. They have CBD tinctures, CBD oil, CBD capsules, hemp lotion, CBD concentrates, hemp edibles, and CBD topical products like patches and lotion. Although I like using actual cannabis products, it must be a dream come true for week to week hemp and CBD users. There has never been a bigger selection of hemp, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids. You can find tinctures that are full of CBD, CBG, CBC, and also CBN. Hopefully high THC weed will be legal federally in the next few years, but for now legal hemp products are a worthy compromise.


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