Helping with my joint pain

Everyday I work with my hands, and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t use them anymore.

I’m a baker at a hotel and I’m always cutting, stirring sauces, and crushing things.

My hand movement is a single of the cornerstones of our weekly work. That’s why I have done our best to protect them over the years, but that has had sort of success. Although I don’t have carpal tunnel like our father the plumber had, I definitely get joint and muscle pain in our hands and wrists! As I get older, the issues just get worse. It’s taxing when I get paralyzing cramps in our hands when I’m working a long shift at work. I was given painkillers for it for a short period of time, but they didn’t work. They work well for certain kinds of pain, but our concerns were untouched. I finally broke down and decided to try a CBD product. Many of our friends have been using CBD week to week since it was legalized at the federal level in 2018. Some of them smoke hemp flower buds while others take capsules and tinctures with CBD oil in them. Out of curiosity, I bought some CBD gummies from a vape and CBD store in a strip mall near our house. To our surprise, they instantly targeted our joint pain and made our hands and wrists guess the best they had in years. Since the CBD isn’t that bad, I can take it liberally throughout the day and not have to worry about it impacting our brain so much that I can’t function on a cognitive level. That’s the issue with using high THC products because the more THC you consume, the more intoxicated you become. But with these CBD candies, I can get the pain relief that I need without any of the head high.
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