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I like going to see the local pet store near my apartment. They have been formed and run by the same sister pairing for the last 20 years. When I was a child growing up in this area, my brother and I rode our bikes here all of the time to look at the rabbits plus all of the other animals. I was particularly impressed by their big collection of hamsters, especially the brown ones and they also had guinea pigs. The two of us had cats plus dogs at home, but the two of us liked seeing the furry animals at that age. When the two of us were old enough to run errands for our folks on our bikes, my brother and I would visit this pet store to purchase pet plus pet food. They are still my primary source for pet food to this very same day. I’m actually pleased to see how much they have expanded over the years, especially with the variety of products they carry. They even have CBD products for pets! The pet CBD products come in a few odd varieties. You can purchase full spectrum hemp edibles, broad spectrum CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, plus even skin creams. Although there actually isn’t that much research on the effects of CBD on pets, there is a lot of anecdotal support from people who use them always. I believe that my friend’s elderly pet is much happier and more active now that he gives her high doses of CBD throughout the day. He said that the CBD completely transformed his pet. If either of my cats ever start developing any sort of problems with physical pain, I would feed them CBD edibles in a heartbeat. Physicians prescribe it to young children for epilepsy, I’m sure that most cats and dogs can handle it without any notable side effects.



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