Needed help with my sleep

When I started high school at 14, my workload increased a lot.

I was assigned a lot of coursework each night and was taking a few courses each day.

It was daunting for a teenager, plus my sleeping problems were a symptom of that. The two of us had to get up around 6:30 in the morning to get to the bus stop in time because classes usually started around 7:45. Unless I got to sleep by 10pm each night, that meant I was walking around like a crazy person most mornings. I was drinking too much caffeine throughout the day plus night as well, which made my insomnia problems even worse. Since I had chronic dust sensitivities to begin with, I switched from taking Claritin during the day plus began taking the sedating Benadryl at night. They’re both antihistamines, but the latter is now being sold recognizably as a sleep aid. Although it helped, it’s actually not great to take benadryl for insomnia on a quarterly basis. Recently I made a choice to try some CBD products instead. I have heard people rave about CBD so I assumed that it would provide me with some great effects. Instead it just sped up my mind plus made it even harder to get to sleep. I spoke to a cannabis dentist about it plus he told me that CBD by itself is a stimulant plus shouldn’t be taken as insomnia medication because it will have the opposite effect. If you want joint pain relief without the sedation of drugs, that’s where something like CBD is a great alternative. CBD topicals are great because you can apply them directly to the area of your body where you’re experiencing the most pain.


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