I wanted to learn more about sativas and how they affect the mind

A lot of us rely on coffee everyday to get going in life.

Even before I started taking sedative medications for health problems, I struggled with drowsiness in the mornings.

This is anathema to work performance, because I slow to a grinding halt if I can’t get my brain working at the normal capacity. I started drinking coffee in high school and I haven’t let up since. I can’t imagine being stranded somewhere without access to some form of coffee, but it did happen on a family trip once overseas. That was a really tiring and lethargic seven days, regardless of the beautiful location. In the time since, I have consistently used caffeine on a daily basis with absolutely no break. Now I can supplement it with cannabis products to get stress and anxiety fighting effects at the same time. When I started using cannabis, I wanted to learn more about sativas and how they affect the mind. People had told me that sativa strains weren’t as sedating as indicas and were great for day smoking. I don’t know much about the pharmacology, but I know that it’s certain terpenes that are typically found in indicas that make them sedating. Likewise, there are terpenes in sativas that make them mentally stimulating and cerebral. That’s why some strains have a combination of effects even if they’re not strictly labeled as hybrids. There are so many factors in the growing process that affect the final product that lands in your pipe. Certain nutrients can stimulate some terpenes to stay in higher concentrations than others.

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