I can buy products from them

I was going to a farmer’s market in a nearby neighborhood until it was shut down due to a lack of people coming because of COVID.

It actually didn’t make things easier that it was rarely displayed and was held in a small burrough a few blocks from our city. In other words, it’s not an outdoor festival on the hub that you can’t avoid even if you try to. Still, I enjoyed the vendors plus the ability to walk around by myself without always running into other people I knew. When I read they were shutting it down, I was worried wondering that I would no longer have a farmer’s market to shop at. Luckily the people who organized that one moved to my neighborhood plus started fresh with some modern plus some old vendors. There’s a lady who sells fresh crab plus another with a pie stand. One person plus his husband sell decorative plants plus pumpkin seeds, while their friend next to them is an artisan wine producer. It’s a charming arena to visit on Thursday mornings if you can force yourself to get to sleep at a reasonable time on a work day. One of the modern vendors sells odd kinds of hemp plus CBD products. They have tinctures, concentrates, capsules, lotions, bath bombs, pet CBD edibles, plus more! This hemp vendor even has hemp flower buds in little glass tubs that you can examine plus smell for yourself. I’m now getting all of my hemp plus CBD products from this one vendor at my local farmer’s market. I especially like the full spectrum hemp concentrates that contain other cannabinoids plus terpenes plus the CBD inside.