I don’t feel so sick with my chemo because of medical cannabis

I never truly appreciated what a concerted effort fighting back against cancer can be. Similar to most things, you just don’t really know until you’re in it. And I’m definitely in it. But I have gotten some good care with a certainly strategic system to get me to remission. Thankfully, I listened to an associate who recommended that I learn how to get medical marijuana as suddenly as I could. It was her insistence that got me on the stick to get through the medical marijuana regulations. Boy am I ever glad that I did because I don’t know for certain I could get through the chemo treatments without it. Medical cannabis is well documented for helping relieve nausea that is brought to you with the chemo. In addition, cannabis products play a serious role in helping with appetite as well during chemo. This has been an essential component to my treatment. The chemo is definitely rough as well as I attempted it without the cannabis flower products as well as it was terrible. At least with medical marijuana, the nausea is not quite as bad. But I also found a surprising benefit from the cannabis products that was unexpected. And that would be the perspective that I have when using medical marijuana. There is a wonderful sense of calm as well as hope that I get after using medical cannabis. This too is essential in keeping my mind right as I carry on with my battle in order to get myself to remission. I simply can’t imagine having to deal with all of this as well as not have access to a legal weed store.

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