Milk and Cookies strain is off the chain

Every one of us began using recreational marijuana as soon as it was legal in the state.

Everyone of us thinks it is crazy to find all of the silly and ambiguous train names.

When I was in high school, black market weed was called weed no matter what it was made of. Every one of us could tell whether the strain was indica or sativa just by looking at the color and shape of the Cannabis sativa plant. It could have been easy for someone if we didn’t suppose we were told by myself plus others that this purple kush was literally that color. As recreational Cannabis has been legalized and their names are becoming more crazy. Examples are chemdawg, kitchen sink, and dog walker are a couple that certainly come to mind but there seem to be so many more. My favorite dispensary produces quality Indica plus sativa strains but I rarely use a hybrid. Every one of us are numerous hybrids that were on sale the last time we went to the recreational cannabis shop. Although it has been Classic Plus nothing new plus exciting, I heard about a strain called milk and cookies. It is related to the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain. It is also related into the same category as king dosi, Platinum cookies, and blue dream king’s cake. I was surprised to find the balanced high of the milk and cookies strain. The wax concentrate made the taste really stand out and the milk and cookies strain is one hybrid that I could use every afternoon.

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