The place has at least 100 different bars

Everyone of us are from an area that has a lot of drunk driving plus alcoholism.

Every one of us found out that there were lots of dangers of irresponsible liquor consumption.

Several peers seem to be consuming alcohol before they even entered the middle school year. When I began to take my driver’s education classes, we learned about ways to spot intoxicated drivers. Someone that can be weaving in plus out of their lane and another lane might be drunk. It’s best to get ahead of that driver plus pool directly away from them to a complete and safe location. Even though we were taught about alcoholism, no one ever seemed to address the actual problem and more and more bars seem to be approved because of numerous conservative lawmakers in this town. There’s at least a hundred different bars that sell alcohol, but the voters are too scared to approve medical cannabis. They claim all of the streets would be filled with people that were doing drugs. No one ever hears about car accidents that have been caused by someone that is stoned. It is always alcohol, drugs, or pills. Cannabis cafes and medical cannabis dispensaries could raise a lot of taxes for the community and help fix up some of the problems around town. There is no hesitation for cannabis cafes from most of the people and hopefully the state lawmakers will allow them to occur at some point in the future. The only problem they will have with cannabis is how much to charge for state and county taxes.



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