I prefer to buy only live resin concentrate when everything is 20% off

There are a couple of days during the week when everything in the pot shop is 20% off.

I prefer to buy live resin concentrate on days when everything is 20% off.

The live resin concentrate is a little more expensive than shatter, crumble, or better. Live resin tastes better and it usually has a higher terpene content. Live resin is more expensive, and the average price for a gram in this region is around $40. When everything in the store is 20% off, the extra savings makes the better product a little more affordable. I went to the cannabis dispensary on Tuesday, because everything in the store is 20% off from noon until 4 pm. I knew it was the perfect time to stock on up supplies and I was starting to get low on sativa strains. I hate to run out of sativa strains because they are perfect for morning wake and bake sessions. I left right after work was over at 3, but I ran into some traffic when a red light was broken. I was worried that I would not arrive by the end of the sale, but I made it just in time. I purchased 6 gram of live resin concentrate and another 2 grams of bubble hash. With 20% off my order, I saved almost $50 on everything. I used the money at the grocery store to buy some munchies to go with my live resin. I got some chocolate, candy, chips, soda pop, and a huge bag of buffalo wings for the air fryer.


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