Delivery sales are through the roof, only proving my point

My mom has been the manager of a cannabis dispensary for the past five years.

When my mom started working for the company, I was still in high school.

All my friends thought I was super cool, because my mom worked in a pot shop. I hung out in the lobby after school every day until my mom left at 5pm. After I finished school, I started working at the cannabis dispensary as well. I started as a budtender, but a few months ago I was promoted to the nighttime shift manager. One of the things that got me the job was my initiative. I really take pride in my job and I try to constantly find ways to improve our job and our business. I told my mom that delivery was a good idea, but she didn’t want the hassle and added worry. Besides, none of the other area cannabis shops delivered. I talked to my mom about the idea three different times but she refused to bring it up with the regional manager. Last month, the regional manager stopped by unannounced on a day when my mom was off. I mentioned the delivery idea and I had a lot of facts and figures to back it up.The regional manager was really impressed and promised to think about the new opportunity. A few days later, my mom got an email with guidelines for the new store policy. Delivery sales have been through the roof since we started and that only proves my point. I hope my mom will be more eager to listen next time I have a good idea.


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