A quiet life growing marijuana

I was born and raised in the traditional family home, a hundred miles from the closest hospital or school.

  • My family were subsistence livers, which means they subsisted off the land for all of their needs, and didn’t interact with society at all.

There were huge gardens and fields for growing crops, which we lived on, and sold the excess for extra money. When we needed meat, we went hunting. My parents were both smokers, but grew their own tobacco to smoke from hand made corn cob pipes. Later on, I discovered they also grew and smoked boatloads of cannabis from those same pipes after the kids had gone to bed. All the little extras around the house that I took for granted had been provided by my folks selling cannabis, which was a profitable cash crop. They weren’t pot dealers or pot farmers, just regular folks who grew a few dozen cannabis plants to sell to their friends and neighbors. I would come to find out that many upstanding members of the local area, including politicians, preachers, and cops, bought marijuana from my folks. Looking at it through that lens, my family was providing a community service by peacefully, quietly growing and selling marijuana to the nice people who needed it. Of course I had no idea about any of this when I was growing up, I never learned about the marijuana growing until I came back home from college. After found out, I never had to buy my own cannabis ever again, my parents would hook me up with a pound whenever I saw them.


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