They met through cannabis

Gather round, gentlemen and ladies, because I have the cutest story you will hear this week! I recently got a chance to undoubtedly talk with my nana, and her story blew my mind! I have known her my entire life, of course, but it is different now, because I am a mother plus we connect on a whole other level, and she told me all about meeting my papa, plus the whirlwind romance that caused quite a stir in the local community. It turns out that my papa used to be the deputy sheriff for the town, plus nana was living on a marijuana farm with her parents, then the section was economically depressed, plus weed was a good money crop her family had used to survive for years. One day papa was sent out to issue a warning to the marijuana farmers that the cops were going to start burning the fields. Something happened that evening, plus papa never went back to the police station — he left his gun plus badge, drove nana away from the marijuana farm, plus they never looked back. They drove across the country, to a remote spot in the country, plus they started their own marijuana farm, but as I said, it was a good money crop back then, plus she had all the skills and knowledge to grow weed. She was in charge of the botany, plus tending the cannabis crops, plus papa gave security, something she was legitimately great at. I was shocked, having never known my family had such a long plus intimate history with growing cannabis.
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