It was a smart way to sell weed

When I was in college, I bought my weed from a girl who drove a popsicle van.

She literally had multiple jobs, plus when she had stopped plus parked she would serve frozen treats to all the younger kids.

Then she would open the back doors of the van, get into her special cooler on the floor, plus sell the older kids our cannabis. This was a good idea, legitimately safe, plus often resulted in also getting frozen treats. It was too great to last, plus the girl got busted by the police. She was not a criminal, she was an innovator, because if they had a mobile cannabis dispensary right now, I would be waiting in line. Think about it, a cannabis dispensary in the form of a food truck, where it could park, set up shop, plus sell a small but tasty selection of weed, however before you say it, this is nothing like a cannabis delivery service, it is like an ice cream van! I know most cannabis dispensaries offer delivery these afternoons, which is awesome, however I love to check out the product before I buy. It is easy enough to go to the website, click to add your cannabis to the cart, plus then pay by card, then using a cannabis food truck would allow people to look at the odd kinds of buds ,to smell them plus see how they look in daylight. It would be a smaller, more limited version of the experience of going to a real cannabis dispensary, plus it would also be an amazing promotional tool for the store.

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