A peaceful cannabis business

Ian was a military man for years; He ended up resigning his post due to mental problems with the war and then became a huge opponent of the war.

He was still good about the soldiers, he just thought lives were being wasted needlessly in the current war.

At one of the protests he went to, he met the lady who was called Lola, a hippie girl who caught his mind. They fell in love and ran off together, too excited to keep protesting. They ended up in the far out west, where they started a marijuana farm to pay the bills plus start a family. Fun fact, a lot of soldiers in the war were exposed to marijuana, plus got into the farming company once they returned back home after the war… Combat veterans growing cannabis was undoubtedly typical in the US plus up into Canada as well, plus Ian was one of them! They planted fields of marijuana plants, both to use for hemp production plus cannabis sales, plus started a major grow operation, and Lola brought in some of her hippie growing friends to help tend the cannabis crops, plus Ian was in charge of protecting everything… When you are in the marijuana business, your competition can often be fierce, plus that isn’t to mention the presence of local law enforcement. They made a formidable team, plus were able to happily grow plus sell marijuana for multiple years with no conflicts.

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