The office day with cannabis

My job got a whole lot better once I got the new job title.

It came with more cash, which was awesome.

It also came with an office, and that was the game-changer for me. Most of the employees here work in cubicles. There is one main room, super big, that is crammed full of dozens of little cubicles, with an identical job section in each of them. I worked there for 2 years, and never enjoyed it. Now I have our own office, which means I can stop sneaking hits from our vape pen throughout the day. After hours, I always keep my bong plus my jar of cannabis within an easy spot. It doesn’t matter if I am making a meal, dusting, watching a show, or playing my flute, I love to consistently take cannabis hits throughout the night… plus on weekends through the day, as well. At work that will not fly, of course, so for a week I brought in a vape pen with a nicotine cartridge in it instead of cannabis oil. I told all the people about quitting cigarettes (which was true) plus how this kind of vape pen didn’t work with THC infused products (which was totally not correct at all). After that I could take puffs of THC infused cannabis oil at work from time to time, even though I still had to be cautious about it. It doesn’t smell like marijuana, exactly, but there is just a whiff of it, which can make people suspicious. So you see why having an office is so great, now I can take as much cannabis oil as I want all day long!


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