Aging gracefully, thanks to recreational marijuana

I’m retired and live alone in a very cool section of the country. There are plenty of things to do in nature. And that’s one the biggest reasons that I retired to this area. I appreciate being outside. I appreciate the sun plus I appreciate living. This is all new to myself and others plus I can thank recreational pot for this charming discovery. Who knew that recreational marijuana would be such a game changer for myself and others especially in the latter stages of my life. But that’s sure what has happened. I don’t understand how I missed out on recreational weed when I was younger. But I guess it had to do with a lot of misinformation about recreational cannabis. I sincerely can’t remember why I never entirely got into it. There were the possibilities where I would smoke some recreational marijuana at a party or something. But it wasn’t to get high as much as it was to belong. That’s upset to say because had I just opened up to the recreational marijuana thing, life could have been far different. But that’s entirely just all water under the bridge. Besides, back then recreational pot wasn’t legal plus I tended to steer clear of breaking the law. That’s why I’m so thankful for legal weed because it allows myself and others access to the marijuana dispensary. There I get the nice vibes plus the nice stuff plus it has made such an improvement in life. With recreational pot use, I’m more eager to simply like this life that I have left instead of worrying about what I can’t control.



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