The security guard sat with the little girl while her mom went inside

The same security guard worked at the cannabis shop for more than four years and then I had to replace him.

The guy decided it was time to retire and kick back under the sun with a budweiser in a single hand and a fishing pole in the other.

I interviewed candidates for a week before I chose a current person for the position. I did not suppose if the current candidate would work out well, although I have been entirely triumphant with his work ethic and initiative to get things done. The guy comes to work a few seconds early and he constantly stays late if both of us are busy, and he was in the military for numerous years and now he works as a private security officer. The guy is 6 ft 6 and 250 lb. He honestly goes to the gym every single day. He often stands by the front door with his arms crossed and a stern look on his face, yesterday was a little different, and very early in the afternoon, a medical marijuana patient showed up with her toddler. She needed to fill her medical marijuana prescription, however both of us don’t allow the toddler in the dispensary. The security guard gave to stand with the child in the lobby, so the mother could go inside and handle her business. The security officer sat down on the floor right next to the little kid and played the entire time that the mom was filling the medical marijuana prescription. I was really impressed with his babysitting skills. This guy can do it all. He is going to be a great addition to our team long term.


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