Cannabis delivery for menopausal mother

My mother is going through menopause and it is tough on her.

  • She gets frequent hot flashes throughout the day and they are terrible.

My poor mother will be covered in sweat and unhappy. She also has trouble sleeping at night due to the hot flashes and her active mind. I started doing some research and they recommended everything my mother does. She doesn’t drink or smoke but exercises regularly. I found that women that are in their 50s are using medical cannabis in order to help their hot flashes. Apparently medical marijuana can lessen the frequency, duration and severity of hot flashes. Also, cannabis has been known to help the mind and body wind down at night for a successful sleep. The issue is that my mother doesn’t want to go to the cannabis dispensary. She got her medical marijuana card and now is at a standstill. She still believes that those who smoke are dead heads with no jobs. She doesn’t want people in the neighborhood seeing her at the cannabis shop. I think I found the answer. I called the dispensary and told them the issue. They said to do everything online. I can make an account for my mother, put her cannabis card and prescription on file and then get cannabis delivery for her. Her prescription will come by delivery every month in a nondescript van. That is going to work perfectly! The only downside is the fee with cannabis delivery isn’t cheap but I think my mother will find it worth it.

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