Cannabis was a better solution to his anxiety

My father has genuinely bad anxiety! It got the point where he couldn’t drive to work separate from pulling over to take calming breaths, however he also got slightly miserable in addition to miserable throughout the day, which wasn’t love him at all, then finally he decided enough was enough in addition to went to the doctors, however because he is a guy in his 50s, the doctor required a prostate exam before anything was prescribed.

He also had to go through so much work to get the prescription filled at the pharmacy.

Frequently he would forget to get his pills or fill the prescription, after a year the doctor required him to go back for a check up. It was an terrible process in addition to our father wasn’t getting any better. I then study online about cannabis for anxiety, but my father decided to give it a try, but that process was so much simpler in addition to easier. The doctor’s visit was 1 time for several minutes. The guy only asked why our dad wanted cannabis, and now the cannabis dispensary has his prescription on file. They automatically refill it every month in addition to give him a call. If our father is feeling lazy, they set up a cannabis delivery that he pays just a little bit extra, however everybody is nice, friendly in addition to the process is so streamlined. My father prefers to use cannabis rather than a pill too. It is a much better fit than what he was doing before. It is amazing how anxious he was getting bills for his anxiety. Now with cannabis, he is calm in addition to relaxed about it.


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