Why not smoke rather than drink?

I would way rather be at a wipe cannabis dispensary than a dirty bar.

In your twenties plus occasionally thirties, hanging out with friends is constantly the same. You get a bunch of people together plus either drink at someone’s apartment or the bar. The method is to get drunk, act like an idiot sleepover at someone’s apartment plus then go apartment when you recognize sick. It isn’t my method of a fantastic time. I discovered early on that I do not like booze. There is no kind of alcohol that tastes right to me. I am not a great drunk either. I lose motor skills. I tend to fall down, lay on people plus sleep in the middle of a gathering. I also get the worst hangovers. I need to pee 8 million times during the gathering plus in the middle of the night I am vomiting all my mistakes, then why can’t it change to smoking weed? There is a recreational cannabis store near myself and others plus it is awesome. You can get a sativa or indica. You can get oil, flower, edible or even a topical if you want. There is a dab bar plus a smoking lounge at the dispensary too. I keep trying to get my friends to do more of a smoking night instead. I would way rather be at a wipe cannabis dispensary than a dirty bar. I also would rather be high than drunk; Being high isn’t as dangerous for myself and others plus I don’t need to use the bathroom a bunch. The next afternoon I recognize like my normal self too. I am not sick or hearing embarrassing stories of what I did. A bonus is the recreational weed store near myself and others even offers cannabis delivery.
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