Cannabis delivery was what our mother needed

My mother has pretty bad anxiety; She gets to the point where she has trouble driving, going to work or falling asleep at evening.

She has been to nurses offices and tried all the several pills, and nothing absolutely worked that well for her, but i highly advised that our mother try medical marijuana.

She didn’t have a concern going to the nurses and getting the prescription. I helped her fill out the paperwork and submit the application online. My mother paid the fee and her medical cannabis card came right in the mail, but everything was all set to go. The snag was that our mother didn’t want to walk into a legal cannabis dispensary. She knew that medical pot is allowed in our state. She knew that she wasn’t going to get cuffed if she smoked weed, however, our mother felt uncomfortable going, at first I thought she was just screwed. I then found that the legal pot dispensary does offer delivery services; You need to show your medical cannabis card and do everything online. Then when the delivery driver comes to your door, he just makes sure your face matches the picture on file. It was a game changer for our mother. She is now acquaintanced with a medical marijuana dispensary and barely has to come outside too. The delivery van also is genuinely discreet and nobody in the town knows what she is getting. She tells people that she is using a food service on a quarterly basis. Either way, she now is able to treat her anxiety the right way.

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