Medical Cannabis for inflammation

I have suffered from inflammation for most of my life, I typically feel inflamed in my lower back, which throws off my hips and causes more inflammation. I do everything I can to get my inflammation under control, I drink plenty of water, I exercise frequently, stretch, and I do my best to avoid inflammatory foods like corn and soy. My doctor has recommended some stretches for me to do, and they make me feel better for a few moments, but it’s not always practical to stretch throughout my day. My doctor also told me that I could try prescription painkillers, but I don’t like the way they make me feel, plus they pose such a high risk for addiction. On Mother’s day, I was at my mom’s house and when I used her bathroom, I found a bottle of cannabis oil on the sink! When I asked her about it, she told me that she takes it for inflammation in her elbow. Marijuana plants contain compounds that are known to help reduce inflammation like CBD and THC. I asked my mother where she got the cannabis oil, and she told me that it came from a dispensary nearby. The next day I made a visit to the dispensary, and spoke with the budtender about my inflammation, and told him that I was interested in getting some cannabis oil. There was a variety of cannabis oil products available, and he helped me find the best one for my inflammation. I took 3 drops, about 15mg THC, with my protein shake, and went to the gym. When I finished my workout, I realized that I was not feeling any inflammation! If you suffer from inflammation, head to your local dispensary and see if cannabis oil is right for you!


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