I was not trying to work on 4/20

420 happens to be a holiday for people that smoke weed.

The holiday celebrated on April 20th every year is a celebration of all things when it comes to weed. Each weed dispensary in the county has sales plus certain giveaways. Last year, my buddies plus I scored free t-shirts, marijuana flower, concentrate, plus a handful of stickers! I also managed to get a sizable glass bowl in a single of my goodie bags. I was honestly happy for the holiday this year, and my buddies plus I planned a route that included reaching top tier dispensaries in a short amount of time. The people I was with and I wanted to qualify for as many specials as possible, plus I saved an entire paycheck to buy marijuana on that afternoon. I was off from work plus it was an afternoon that I proposed. My boss called me first thing in the morning hours because a certain lady did not show up. She couldn’t get to the store to open the venue on time, plus she wanted me to go there plus use my keys to get the venue open plus set for business. I told my boss I had plans for that particular morning plus I could not change them. Then she told me that I was due for promotion plus she had her eye on me for the assistant manager position. I knew she was conning me into taking care of her complication, but I was not able to say no! What if she was dead serious? Soon after I canceled my plans to help her out, she made me assistant manager plus fired the other woman. I made the right move telling my friends goodbye.


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