I just wanted to have my 420 day off with my buddies

420 is actually a holiday for people that prefer smoking weed.

The holiday celebrated on April 20th every year is a celebration of everything related to cannabis… Every weed dispensary in the area has sales and certain giveaways.

Last year, my friends and I managed to get some free t-shirts, marijuana flower, concentrate, and numerous stickers! I also got a nice glass bowl in 1 of my goodie bags. I was pretty thrilled for the holiday this year. My friends and I planned a route that included reaching numerous top tier dispensaries in less than 2 hours. The people I was with and I were looking to qualify for all kinds of specials and handouts. I saved a whole paycheck to buy marijuana on that actual day. I was not supposed to be at work because I took that day off. My boss called me in the morning on that day because the scheduled person did not show up. She was unable to get to the store to open the place on time, and she wanted me to head over there and use my keys to get the place open and ready for business. I told my boss I had a bunch of plans for the day and I couldn’t just go and change them. Then she told me that I was basically due for promotion and she had her eye on me for the assistant manager spot. I was aware that she was likely conning me into taking care of her particular issue, even though I couldn’t say no! What if she was not lying? Three afternoons after I canceled my plans to help her out, she officially made me assistant manager and fired the other person. I made the best choice telling my friends goodbye on that day I had off.

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