I seriously didn’t want to work on 420

420 actually is a holiday for people that totally prefer to smoke weed.

  • The holiday celebrated on April 20th each and every year is a celebration of all things pertaining to weed.

Every weed dispensary in the county has sales in addition to unique giveaways. The other year, my pals in addition to I scored free t-shirts, marijuana flower, concentrate, in addition to many stickers. I also got a sizable glass bowl in 1 of my goodie bags. I was extremely excited for the holiday this year. My friends in addition to I planned a route that included reaching several top tier dispensaries in a short duration of time. All of us were looking to qualify for numerous specials. I honestly saved a whole paycheck to pick up marijuana on that day. I actually had requested this day off. Of course, my boss called me first thing in the morning on that day because the scheduled person didn’t show up to open anything. She could not get to the store to open the venue on time, in addition to she was hoping that I would go there in addition to use my keys to get the venue open in addition to ready for business. I was telling my boss I had plans for the day in addition to I was not going to change my plans for anything. Then she told me that I was up for promotion in addition to she had her eye on me for the assistant supervisor position. I was thinking that possibly she was conning me into taking care of her problem, but I was unable to say no after that. What if she was completely serious about the matter? Not so long after I canceled my plans to help her out, she made me assistant supervisor in addition to fired the other person altogether. I totally made the smart choice of telling my pals goodbye.

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