I’m moving to the west coast to work for a cannabis company

I’ve been out of college for a couple of years, taking temporary jobs here and there.

I have a degree in finance, but it’s hard to find work in that target area.

The last few months have been even tougher, because Covid chopped the job market in half. I was really excited when I heard from an old college roommate, because he had a wonderful job opportunity to offer me. The guy called last month with some exciting news. He got investors to agree to let him open a dispensary in a legal recreational and medical cannabis state. He needed someone with a strong background in finance to run the business side of things. He was hoping that I would find the opportunity exciting. He even offered to fly me out to see the facility and talk to the investors. Three days later, I boarded a plane and flew across the country. I talked to Jack for hours about the project over a nice dinner by the bay. I was totally intrigued and agreed to give the guy a year if he paid for a company apartment for the first three months. It was a huge move for me, and I wanted some safety and security while I figured everything out. Jack and the investors agreed to the unique deal. We worked out the details and the salary and I moved to the coast. Working at the dispensary has been a wonderful opportunity to try something new. Most days I work in the office, but there are some days when I get to interact with customers or try new products.
Blue dream