I couldn’t believe that the new cannabis products weren’t great

I started genuinely working at a cannabis dispensary, because I was truly thinking that it would be a fun and wonderful job. My pal Carol was genuinely working at the pot store and she told me that they were looking for a current person to handle the counter as a budtender. It definitely seemed fun and I was gleeful about the perks like 35% off all merchandise including wax, concentrate, distillate, and marijuana flower. They also gave paid days off, and a profit sharing program after a number of years. With all those perks, it was relatively taxing to say no. One of my favorite parts of the job is trying current cannabis products. When the store receives current cannabis products from the manufacturers, there are always samples for the budtenders to try! The other week, one of the live resin concentrate manufacturers sent 3 odd samples. I did not have to pay for any live resin concentrate in the slightest that week, because I received 3 grams for no cost. We received even more cannabis products from the same manufacturer last weekend. I expected them to be the same enjoyable quality, however they were honestly disappointing. The current cannabis products aren’t especially great. They don’t have the same flavor and they have a weird color and consistency. If I was paying $50 a gram for cannabis concentrate and I opened one of these jars, I would be frustrated and likely take the product back to the dispensary. The last batch of products were a pretty serious hit, however these samples absolutely missed the mark. I hope they make a few final changes before they choose to introduce these items to the public.

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