Changing to medical weed for depression and anxiety

My sister had gained a lot of weight and sunk into a funk after her break up.

  • Then one afternoon, she woke up, looked in the mirror, and wasn’t ecstatic with the woman she’d become.

It was time to move on and join a gym. My sister got a gym membership and began doing strength training. In addition, she went on a low-calorie diet and made fluctuations to how she ate. Another change was seeing a therapist help with her emotions and other troubles. The gym was good, but her muscles fought all the way, so she began to eat healthier and look into natural remedies. For years my sister was relying on pills to help with depression and anxiety. The pills were easy to pop and get slightly hooked on. I pushed my sister into cannabis for years. After she read a little bit, she was ready to try it. Thankfully our state allows medical cannabis prescriptions from our local doctor. My sister was able to change from pills to medical weed and it was a huge change in her behavior. My sister started making herbal teas with cannabis oil in it. Sometimes she would vape a bit of cannabis before coming over. Since she was always eating, drinking or having something in her mouth, she ate less and lost weight. My sister felt better, looked better and had more to talk about. Relying on cannabis for depression and anxiety relief was a game changing moment for her.
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