Grandpa can still get around because of medical weed

My grandfather came to visit last summer.

He was not enjoying staying alone at the farm.

I was so ecstatic to see him. I talked for quite some time and then grandpa was telling me he planned to stay in an elderly care center soon. He was in too much pain to keep up with his house. Plus, it felt empty ever since his wife passed away. Both of us talked about the plus and minuses of moving to a care center. In the end, it was going to be his decision. I asked him if he wanted to see if we could fix his chronic pain before he packed up and moved. I knew a buddy whose Grandma uses medical cannabis for hip and knee pain. They consistently rave about how great weed is more pain. Grandpa said that sounded good and advocated both of us drive to a cannabis dispensary and he would try out the products. Both of us got up early and had supper, then jumped into the car. I’d only been to the cannabis dispensary once with a buddy but didn’t stay long. Grandpa wanted to try whatever the budtender recommended. Thankfully the number one reason people go into cannabis dispensaries is for chronic pain. I also live in a state where recreational weed is allowed. My grandpa was able to vape and smoke whatever he wanted. He got to test the products before becoming a medical cannabis patient. The weed really helped reduce his pain levels in his body. He know is now a medical marijuana user and still lives in his own home.

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