Cannabis to help my pain

That is okay though

Becoming a professional dancer has been something I wanted to do since I was a child. My mom had taken me to a concert, and I fell in love with the dancers. I remember getting home that afternoon and heading straight to the living to practice spins. I also wanted to search for dance videos online. It became a normal routine to dance after school, so mom enrolled me in some classes. In school, I was a member of a dance group. I entered multiple local competitions. I even went ahead and posted some of our best moves online. After graduation, I moved to the city and worked on multiple projects. Last summer, I got injured on a turn and had to take a break to rest. The recovery wasn’t bad since I’d discovered marijuana products a few years earlier. I used cannabis oil to help with inflammation, pain and the anxiety of not dancing. I was worried about losing my spot. I was able to do physical therapy, smoke my cannabis oil and get back on the stage in a few months. The cannabis was pivotal though. I felt less stiff and sore after smoking a bit. Sadly, cannabis oil does contain THC. I wasn’t able to keep up with it when I started dancing again. That is okay though. During the off season and on breaks I still vape the oil. It keeps the pain at bay and helps me relax. Eventually cannabis will be recognized as a normal prescription.

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